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Beaches Town Center is the heart of Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach, where Atlantic Boulevard meets the ocean, twelve miles east from downtown Jacksonville. The inviting, pedestrian friendly area offers many boutiques, fitness centers, restaurants and two oceanfront hotels in close proximity - a destination appealing for both tourists and locals! It’s all right here: a wealth of choices to shop, dine, relax and simply enjoy the beautiful courtyards and bricked walkways, outdoor seating and the beautiful ocean breezes.

Rona BookmarkAn Interview with BTC’s local legend, Rona Brinlee

We are all feeling it - the unrelenting weight of the world as we wade through COVID-19, confront social injustice, debate the state of the world and brace for the holidays (reminder to breathe...). But what’s cool about the mind is that it is ever-present. We are in control of the information we feed our imagination. Now more than ever, books have been a refreshing escape - a portal into our own intimate, parallel universes where we can challenge our perceptions or stoke our nostalgia. Rona Brinlee - owner of The BookMark and written word connoisseur - points out:

“Reading is such a personal activity, and what will help one person may not be appealing to another.  Some people want to read about the science or history of pandemics, while others want to escape with a good novel or mystery.  The trick is to match the right book with each person.  That’s our challenge and our skill.  We love it!” 

In this article, we dive into the magnificent mind of Rona Brinlee. Rona has been the owner of The BookMark for the past 25 years and a renowned member of this community accredited for her thoughtful insights, book recommendations, and author-oriented events that engage and uplift the vibrant Beaches Town Center. Get to know Rona and The BookMark below.

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“You will never be bored or lonely 

if you have a good book to read.”

- Rona Brinlee

  • Help Keep the Lights on at BTC
    Help Keep the Lights on at BTC Unfortunately, much like many major events lately, we've had to make the difficult decision to cancel DANCIN' IN THE STREETS for 2020, which is a huge blow to our little area for many reasons. Like quite a few of the events we put on, DITS is a major way for us to fundraise money that helps keep the area you know and love beautiful. It also helps us keep the…
  • Spend a Thursday with the ‘Best Little Art Walk in Town’
    Spend a Thursday with the ‘Best Little Art Walk in Town’ The North Beaches Artwalk is held every third Thursday each month from 5pm-9pm. With over 55 participating artists, this event is a diverse art destination & shopping experience that features visual thrills and energetic live performers. Bring the whole family for free and enjoy what the locals have to offer! Click here for more information.
  • Cheers to Restaurant Doro. A place where everybody knows your name.
    Cheers to Restaurant Doro. A place where everybody knows your name. Helping Mamma in the kitchen. It’s a memory most of us can relate to but have experienced in profoundly different ways. From hazy recollections of cookie dough on fingertips to steam clouds from pasta pots, food has always been about a bond. Be it with the land or with each other, food is what brings us together, and that is exactly what fuels Chef Christopher Polidoro’s passion for fine cuisine. …
  • The Hidden “Gym” of Beaches Town Center
    The Hidden “Gym” of Beaches Town Center Did you know that working with a personal trainer could (and should) go beyond benefiting your physical health? In this article, we delve into what makes a great trainer, how they can help you achieve maximum success and wellness, and what that means for, well, humanity (no pressure).  What better example to bring to your finger-tips than our local legend Grady Zapata. For 10+ years, Grady has been the sole…

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