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Tim Dorsey at The BookMark

Tim Dorsey, described by The Boston Globe as "compulsively irreverent and shockingly funny", is the author of twenty-three Serge A. Storms novels.  

In Naked Came the Florida Man , a devastating hurricane is raking Florida, but that can't stop the Sunshine State's most loyal son (and self-appointed vigilante), Serge A. Storms, from his latest scenic road trip: a tour of notable cemeteries.  With his sidekick Coleman riding shotgun, the tour begins in Key West at the resting place of one world-famous television dolphin from the 1960's (RIP, Flipper!).  One deadland—a haunted old sugar field—holds more than just the bones of those who've passed.  For years, local children have whispered about a boogeyman hiding among the stalks.  Could it be the same maniac known as "Naked Florida Man" who's been raising hell all over the place?

There are few things Serge loves more than solving a good mystery and bestowing justice on miscreants who sully his beloved home's good name.  Florida's psycho superhero will find out the truth in this hilariously violent delight—packed with history, lore, and plenty of motel antics—from the insanely ingenious Tim Dorsey.

"The newest laugh-out-loud adventure of vigilante Serge A. Storms and his partner in crime, Coleman, on the hunt for justice in the Sunshine State; this time, the pair sets out to investigate an urban legend—with hilarious and rollicking results." (Newsweek)

Join us Friday, January 17th at 7pm, and meet Tim Dorsey! For more information about this BookMark event, visit or call 904.241.9026.

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